April 2017
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April Holiday Ideas

There are numerous ways to spend holidays in the UK. Previously, we showed you the best events held in the country each month, including festivals, shows, parades, and celebrations. Still, we have decided to change the concept and to focus on the most interesting, unusual and even beneficial ways to spend time.

1. Go extreme

Sky Diving

If you are one of those looking for the most breathtaking experience, we have some ideas for you. The UK provides various extreme sports and activities for every taste. Some of them are very popular, some of them will open new boundaries of brilliant experience, and some of them are quite weird.

Body Zorbing

Among the most well-known and popular ways to go extreme, we can offer you scuba diving, bungee jumping, climbing, segway experience, power kite sports, jet ski, and RIB adventures. You can also consider the options of airkix indoor skydiving, hovercraft flying, zorbing, and even archery experience. All these breathtaking wonders of extreme activities are available all across the country. Still, one of the most significant, new, really extreme and weird ones is zombie experience.


For all those whose nerves are made of steel and who want to experience real zombie apocalypse, can consider an option of taking part in a zombie battle. Such kind of scary entertainment is available in London, Droitwich, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Bury, Dover, Oakham, Huddersfield, Reading, and Heywood.

In London, Zombie experience is available in the place called The Bunker. The Zombie Bunker is placed on the south bank of the Thames in Greenwich. You can easily get there by public transport. Still, if you want to get there by car, plenty of parking is available. The exact address is 3 Herringham Road, North Greenwich, SE7 8NJ.

Zombie Bunker

Note, that the minimum age to enter the Bunker must be 12+. You do not need to turn child’s brain, right?

The scenario created in Zombie Bunker will turn you into a soldier of Emergency Paramilitary Infection Control, an army created by the government to fight zombification and save the world. You will be quickly trained to the highest operational standards, including introductory training session. Of course, as a real soldier, you will get all weapons and ammo needed.

Zombie Bunker Ammo

The scenario will make you expect the unexpected for three and a half hours, so get ready to get through the real horror story. Just note that you will have to come on time to make a prompt start.

You can buy a voucher on the website: www.zombieexperiences.co.uk

It is valid for 10 months, so you will have enough of time to get ready. All you have to do after buying a voucher is to activate it, to come on time and to undergo the scenario.

2. Volunteer


All those who want to make some change, to help people and to improve self-esteem, can consider the option of volunteering. This notable gesture will take just a few hours of your free time and the benefit you will get is the best one you can ever get for any of your actions. Volunteering will bring you some new acquaintances and sometimes it can wider you friends list. Frankly speaking, volunteering is quite similar to friendship, apart from the fact you will become a better person, will start to feel better about yourself and people around you. Furthermore, the impact volunteers make to the community is very important both for those who help and those who are in need.

Feeding Homeless

Nearly all of us are constantly taking part in the races of being the best at work and sometimes we forget that there are a lot of people in the world and in the UK in particular, who are struggling every day to gain things we already have, such as loving family, food to eat and place to sleep. For sure, it is impossible to help everyone, but still, you can make a little step to help some of them. Abandoned children, victims of domestic violence, homeless people – all of them need your support.

If you love children, mentoring is the best way to help them. It is especially good for young people, letting them get more out of childhood and creating a background for their future.

Mentors provide a long-term support to young people by meeting with them for three out of two weekends. Generally, mentor’s goal is to develop a friendship. You can take a child to a museum, take part in some fun activities or just go to a cafe.

Of course, such approach will not transform child’s life but it will make a difference. You can give a child a chance to enjoy life apart from any problems, so why not to try?

To apply to be a mentor, you will need to go through the application process to ensure the safety of the children and to give you a time to prepare and to understand, whether mentoring is a right choice for you. To apply to be a mentor in London, you can visit the following website: www.friendshipworks.org.uk

3. Take Up a New Hobby

Trying something new is always a great option to spend your holiday. Furthermore, it does not require you to travel far away from home. You can choose between plenty of options, starting from programming classes to something artistic, like floral design or crafting. In the most cases, the best choice is to try something far away from your usual circle of interests. Who knows, maybe you will discover a new passion that will stay with you for life. and who knows, perhaps it will be a beginning of a new passion?

If you are one of those who cannot live without pub crawls or just want to find out how the best beer is made, there is a great option of attending brewing classes. London Beer Lab provides you with this unique and tasty experience. It will cost you £80.00 per person.

The head Brewer of the London Beer Lab will pick four recipes. You will brew under the experienced supervision and will have a great opportunity to meet with some beer enthusiasts. The voucher will include 8 bottles of beer made in the shop or 12 bottles of beer made on the day. Just note that you will have to pick them a couple of weeks later. Approximate bottling date will be confirmed on a day of your session.

The session lasts from 4 to 5 hours and includes recipes for 4 different beers. One session takes up to 15 attendees who will work together to brew the 4 or 5 beers.

Note that the voucher is valid for a year, so you will be able to pick up the best time for you to come. Still, there is a need to get a voucher code to redeem your voucher; you will get it within 7 days after purchasing a voucher. The voucher itself will be sent to you e-mail address. To purchase a voucher, visit the London’s Beer Lab website: www.londonbeerlab.com

To see the available dates to book, use the menu on the website: Beer Making Workshops – For Individuals. Choose between different individual beer making and tasting sessions and come on the date picked. Also, you have to note that you will need to use your voucher code at checkout.

4. Into the Wild

Nothing in the world will give you more satisfaction and relaxation than exploring Mother Nature. If you are not afraid of active rest and want to combine a pleasure of freedom and physical activity while on holiday, going into the wild is the great option for you.

You may never have considered the option of camping in the capital, but still, there are some great options nearby the M5. Here you will find good campsites with enough freedom to move around during your stay. You can consider the options provided by Sanctum On The Green, Hurley Riverside Park, Cookham Lock, Hertford, Cambridge, Braham Farm, Karma Farm Eco Campsite, Hollington Farm Camping, Town Farm Camping, Wingbury Farm Camping, and many more.

Still, if your holidays allow you to travel or you live somewhere nearby the Lake District National Park, there is a great option of staying in Ravenglass Camping And Caravanning Club.

The Lake District is the most hyped scenic area in Britain. People come here to enjoy the view of 16 lakes squeezed between the tallest mountains in the country. Here you will find landscapes with tranquil waters, huge valleys, and little charming stone-built villages.

Camping and Caravanning Club is set on the outskirts of a Roman fishing village named Ravenglass, where you can find one of the most well-known attractions – the Eskdale Railway. The club offers its guests modern facilities combined with an old-school camping principals. Here you will be able to use a modern shower block and to shop at the local well-stocked shop.

The best part of such adventure is, no doubt, natural surroundings. It is a real paradise for all those who want to get closer to Mother Nature and to enjoy long walks.

The Ravenglass Camping And Caravanning Club welcomes families with children, but not large groups of people. It means it is an ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday with your family. What is more, you can take your dog with you, it is allowed.

There are camping pods located in a wooded area, providing an alternative for those naturalists, who enjoy extra comfort. They are made from local timber and, for even more comfort, are insulated with wool.

To book your Ravenglass Camping And Caravanning Club holiday, follow the link: www.coolcamping.com

5. Spirituality

Spirituality is a key element of life that is full of happiness and satisfaction. It is a solution to nearly all of your problems, including stressful life and even some health issues. Being spiritual is the first step that helps you to differentiate between good and bad.

In the modern world, people nearly forgot about the impact of spirituality on our lives. Still, one of the most useful ways to spend your holiday is to invest a couple of hours in your spiritual education. For sure, you can read more about your religion’s teaching, to pray, and to share your spiritual knowledge with your family and friends. Still, if you want to combine your spiritual growth with some physical activity, you will not find a better way than doing yoga.

There are various styles of yoga, including Anusara, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hatha, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Kripalu, Kundalini, Prenatal, Restorative, Sivananda Yoga and some others. All of them are avaliable in London. The most popular ones, such as Hatha, Ashtanga and Kundalini Yoga are available in the most cities and towns of UK. Still, one of the most popular and new styles existing today is Aerial Yoga.

Aerial Yoga, also known as Anti-Gravity Yoga, was originally created in New York and quickly become a widespread practice in the UK. If you are a yoga lover and want to try something new, something combined with pilates and dance, Aerial yoga is a great option for you.

Aerial yoga allows making stretches in a more relaxing way. Furthermore, with a help of a hammock, you can make poses that would otherwise be restricted. That is why this style is good both for professional yogi and the beginners.

If you want to try it, follow the link: www.flyingfantastic.co.uk

We do hope you loved the article and find here some new ideas to spend your holiday. It would be great if you comment to let us know what turn the next article should take. Thank you!

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