February 2017
February 2017
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February Half-term in London

The school holidays are coming, so if you want to find an entertainment for your children for this period, here is the February half-term in London.

The Robot Zoo

February 11 – October 29, 2017, Horniman Museum and Gardens

If you want to see some animals made of everyday machines and gadgets, come to The Robot Zoo at Horniman Museum and Gardens.

The exhibition is hands-on and it will be interesting both for parents and for kids. Various robots are collected there to demonstrate how different creatures see this world, hear it, how they hunt, hide and move. Come here to have a good time and to learn something new. By the way, do not forget to create your own mutant at special workshops and activity sessions.

STAR WARS Identities

Until September 3, 2017, The Exhibition at The O2

If you want to get closer to the legendary world of Star Wars, this exhibition is what you are looking for. Here you can meet all the main heroes, see their evolution on an interactive journey, learn something new about yourself and your forces. You can also create your own original character in the Star Wars world.

Special Features 2017 – The Making of Harry Potter

February 4 – November 6, 2017, Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

If you ever wonder to get behind the scenes of Harry Potter, here is your perfect chance! As a bonus, you will learn more about making films.

Get the tour to see all the magical stuff in real life. Try to see what filmmakers saw while creating these fantastic movies.

Directing Dobby

February 4 – March 31, 2017

Did you know that Dobby is a detailed model plus tennis ball? Want to see this? See the display dedicated to this touching house elf. Learn how it was created, see his model full-size, and find out something new about this hero.

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