June 2017
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June Holiday Ideas

Summer opens a lot of opportunities to make your holidays unforgettable. It does not matter if you want to spend your holidays in the city or to explore the country – good weather and alive green nature are great bonuses that can turn your June holidays into a wonderful time of joy and pleasure. This article is aimed to show you some of the brilliant holiday’s ideas. So let us see what they are.

1. Family Break in Bekonscot

Family Break Bekonscot

If you are looking for a great way to spend holidays with children, Bekenscot, the world’s oldest and original model village and model railway, is one of the greatest choices you can make. The Bekonscot Model Museum attracts lots of attention and is considered to be a pearl of human’s eccentricity. People of all ages can come to Bekonscot to enjoy six model towns, a huge model garden railway, as well as various castles and lakes. Why not stomp around like a giant?

Bekonscot landscapes

The Bekonscot Model Museum, opened in 1929, is set in 1.5 acres of award-winning gardens. It is a great place to spend holidays with family. There are a team room and ice cream hut in the village, but bringing your own picnic is always a good idea. Also, there is a gift shop, where you can find Lilliput houses or doll houses. To get to the shop, you will have to visit a full sized BR mk1 railway carriage.

To learn more about the Bekonscot Model Museum, visit the website: www.bekonscot.co.uk

2. Romantic Break in Windsor Great Park

Romantic Break in Windsor Great Park

If you want to make a proposal and looking for romantic atmosphere, there is a great chance to ask the question whilst while riding a horse carriage in the Windsor Great Park.

The Windsor Great Park is 5,000 acres of Royal Park filled with ancient oak trees. The park itself creates the romantic atmosphere. Here you will see a tranquil 18th-Century Royal Lake filled with charming water lilies. What is more, you will travel through the beautiful Georgian Bridge – a perfect place to make a proposal. And when your partner says ‘yes’, there is a bottle of campaign hidden on the board.

The Windsor Great Park will wrap you with the natural beauty of Mother Nature, so it does not matter what you expect from the ride – it will charm you and leave with warm impressions. Just do not forget to take your camera with you if you want to capture the beauty.

To learn more about Horse Drawn Carriage Tours of Windsor Great Park, visit the website: www.ascotcarriages.co.uk

3. City Break in Cambridge

City Break in Cambridge

If you want to spend your holiday with fun and pleasure and to learn something new while spending a great time, come to Cambridge to take part in a River Cam.

If you think that riding a UK’s gondola is an easy thing to do, you make a mistake. Still, as you come to Cambridge, the empire of knowledge, you will be taught by the experienced guides who will show you how to control the boat. So after a couple of hours, you will be able to propel the punt along with a long pole in your hands set against the river board.

Cambridge River Cam

All you have to do is to let your inner rhythm take over and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings. For sure, there is no better place than Cambridge to learn something new. You probably will not get a degree but you will get a skill that for sure will impress your mates. What is more, the River Cam is a great chance to enjoy the pleasant meadows and the historic sights of Cambridge.

Even if you are not interested in master punting, you can still enjoy the tour with an experienced punter who will take you around and will tell you interesting facts about the local history.

There is always a chance that you do not like being a passenger of a gondola. Still, it does not mean that River Cam is not for you. You can just enjoy the activity from one of the pubs on the riverside without a need to control the boat and without a fear of getting wet.

To learn more about the Cambridge River Cam, visit the website: cambridge-fpas.co.uk

4. Cultural Break in the Dorothy Clive Garden

Cultural Break in The Dorothy Clive Garden

The Dorothy Clive Garden is an illustration of love. It was created in the 1940s by Colonel Harry Clive to demonstrate this pure feeling of love to his wife, Dorothy. It was a focus of Colonel Clive’s life as he wanted to create a beautiful and fascinating place where his wife could enjoy daily walks. Since 1958 the garden was set up as a charitable garden trust, so today everyone can enjoy charming beauty of this place.

Dorothy Clive Garden

If you think that there is nothing special about the Dorothy Clive Garden, get ready to see the waterfall right in the woods, hillside alpine scree, and pool, to walk through the 30 meters long laburnum arch and to enjoy the beauty of summer flowering roses.

The Dorothy Clive Garden is a great place to spend a holiday. It invites you to explore and discover the intimate beauty and charming side of the garden. It is also a great place for all nature lovers, as the park has a diverse collection of unusual plants, shrubs, and trees. Blooming magnolias and camellias will not leave you indifferent.

To learn more about the Dorothy Clive Garden, visit the website: dorothyclivegarden.co.uk

5. Budget Break in Nottingham

Budget Break in Nottingham

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to spend your holiday, why not explore Nottingham with its beautiful sights? As it is summer, there is nothing better than enjoying the sunshine at Nottingham Beach that offers plenty of cheap things to do. You can enjoy the beauty of Nottingham Palace while soaking up the sun, eating ice cream and dipping in the refreshing waters. Also, the beach offers a plenty of fun games in the sand, so you will never get bored. For sure, you can plan some picnic but if still, there is always an opportunity to taste some affordable food and drink right at the beach. When the sun goes down, come to Old Market Square to enjoy the life of the city.

Nottingham is also a great place if you want to try some vegetarian food. Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant offers amazing dishes inspired by Indian cuisine, so if you are looking for some special dinner, it might be your answer.

Nottingham Arts Theatre

Just a short walk away from the beach, there is a Nottingham Arts Theatre where you can catch a value-for-money show, including drama, musicals, and comedy.

To learn more about the Nottingham Arts Theatre and its program, visit the website: nottingham-theatre.co.uk

Taking your camera with you is a great idea. Capture all the beauty of the city and take it with you as you will have an evening stroll past the Robin Hood statue and the castle.

6. Wild Life Festival

Wild Life Festival

If you are looking for some great event, full of music, dance, summer heat and fun, the Wild Life Festival is the answer. The festival of electronic music features a number of world-famous DJ’s, so you can be absolutely sure that partying hard is a must.

The festival was created in 2015 to combine the best of underground dance and electro artists such as Rudimental and Disclosure.

The festival takes over Brighton City Airport and lasts for two days, full of unforgettable events. For sure, most of the people come here to witness the performances of headliners. Still, the festival has some secret sets that are revealed during the event.

One of the most exciting parts of the Wild Life Festival is Brazilian jungle-themed party where you can witness the performance of samba dancers, to get twinkled with confetti and to enjoy the rhythms of DJ beats.

Wild Life Festival

This year, the Wild Life Festival will take place from 9th to 10th June and will include the performances of Fatboy Slim, Jess Glynne, Dizzee Rascal and Stormzy. If you are already on your way to get tickets, note that there is no camping provided by the festival, so make sure you are prepared for the cost of off-site accommodation.

To learn more about the Wild Life Festival, visit the website: www.wildlifefestival.com

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