February 2017
February 2017
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London February Events

Magical Lantern Festival

Until February 26, 2017, Chiswick House and Gardens

If you want to celebrate Chinese New Year, come to Magical Lantern Festival in Chiswick House and Gardens. Actually, the New year is on January 28, but you can still come and enjoy a magical show of lights.

Here you can see all the imaginable light installations and some hand-made lanterns of different shapes and sizes, or take a charming walk through Chiswick House’s famous gardens.

The ancient Silk Road, the theme of this year, leads your adventure through Europe, Egypt, Persia, India, and China. Here you can meet gorgeous sphinx, illuminated camels, see the Colosseum and Houses of Parliament made of lights. Also, do not miss the replica of Chinese Admiral Zheng’s ship he used while exploring the world.

By the way, do not miss a chance to taste some delicious street food and to explore the glistening Eis Haus pop-up bar. As you may guess, it is made entirely of ice with some New Year sculptures inside. For the most energetic ones, here is also the 600-square-metre ice rink.

Orchids Festival

February 4 – March 5, 2017, Kew Gardens

Enjoy flourishing orchids paradise and feel the influence of traditional and modern Indian culture in Kew Gardens. Here you various shapes of animals and even an Indian flag made from growing flours. These installations are worth many words! Here you can also enjoy the fragrance of blooming flowers and step closer to India with its sounds of bicycle bells, temple song and muezzin calls. If you come here after dark, you can try some botanical cocktails while listening to live Indian music.

Cancer Research UK London Winter Run

London Streets, February 5, 2017

Take part in a Cancer Research UK London Winter Run to raise money for the charity and to see the familiar areas of London from a different side. Nelson’s Column, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Bank of England – your route will include all these and many more.

The London Classic Car Show

February 23-26, 2017, ExCeL London

This year you have an ability to attend both The London Classic Car Show and a new co-located and correlated show, Historic Motorsport International. Here you can see the world’s best classic and vintage cars, discover the best manufacturers, clubs, collectors, and dealers. The theme of this year is Ferrari race cars, so you will be able to get closer to a legendary car manufacturer. The best part of this event is the ability to see and hear your favorite cars in action at The Grand Avenue. Here you can also meet some celebrities and listen to speakers who will share their passion for classic cars.

London Fashion Week Festival

February 23-26, 2017, The Store, 180 The Strand

If you cannot imagine your life without fashion, do not miss the London Fashion Week Festival in The Store, 180 The Strand. It is worth to mention that London Fashion Week, which is actually a bi-annual festival, is one of the most glamorous and prestigious events dedicated to the world of fashion. World-known international designers, famous and trendy British brands will be gathered to make an unforgettable event. Here you can pick some tips on fashion and beauty and buy exclusive clothes for special prices.

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