February 2017
February 2017
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Saint Valentine’s Day in London

Saint Valentine’s day is, perhaps, one of the most controversial celebrations. Some people admire it, some people hate it. Whatever side you are on, there is a plenty of variants to spend this day with fun and pleasure.

Traditional St. Valentine’s Day

In London, you can get everything from a dinner and champagne with a view to poetry readings and adventures you and that special one. The city gives you a plenty of choices, so it is up to you to decide how to spend this lovely day.

Where to go

In a day time, you can visit Kew Gardens with its Orchid Festival, or hear the stories of love while drinking a cup of tea with Making Love at the Queen’s House. You can also come to St Paul’s Whispering Gallery to whisper words of love or buy a bunch of beautiful flowers at Columbia Road Flower Market.

In the evening, you can attend the Magical Lantern Festival or watch the night sky through an 18-tonne Victorian telescope visiting the royal observatory at Greenwich. You can go to the National Maritime Museum’s Seduction Late to get closer to the understanding of Emma Hamilton’s world of seduction. There is always an ability to enjoy some romantic theater shows or just to visit some museums, probably with a glass of your favorite wine.

If you want some adventures, there is a Valentine’s Day Thamesjet speedboat ride where you can get tight to each other and have a wonderful dinner at R.S.Hispaniola later. Or how about London Helicopter Tour?  On February 12, you can also go extreme and jump into a two-person kayak to take on the rapids at Lee Valley White Water Centre.

Where to eat

A dinner on the board of cruise liner will accomplish several goals, making it 100% romantic, allowing to enjoy the beautiful view and creating a unique atmosphere.

Still, you can find some cozy pub with a view on the Thames and try some oysters, champagne, whatever you like there. You can be sure that it will break the ice.

You can also enjoy a cup of Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea at London’s Sanderson Hotel. Yes, it is hot.

Anti-Valentine’s Day

If you are one of those people hating the obligation to say words of love, to spend money on silly gifts and to spend the evening at a restaurant bathed in pink, you can attend the Proud East’s Anti-Valentine’s Day Party where fellow Valentine’s Day haters celebrate their nonmembership in love fever.  Still, the party is for everyone, so do not be ashamed to come if you are a couple (you can still hate St. Valentine’s). At the party, you can enjoy different games, ping pong, pool all night long. For sure, there will be some food for all those who feel hungry for…let’s say, just hungry.

Still, if you want to add some drama and dark romantic to the celebration, you can visit Anne Boleyn’s burial, listening to the stories of those who sacrificed their lives in the name of love. The after-dark sketching session Romance is Dead will be held on February 13.
Anti Saint Valentines

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