February 2017
February 2017
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February Festivals

Light Night Festival

February 10, 2017, Nottingham

Blind the winter attending the Light Night held in Nottingham. Here you can see how the combination of neon lights, illumination, and pyrotechnics lighting up the after dark with a fantastic show, including live music and street theater. Nottingham Castle and the Council House can amaze you with the magnificent visual projects, telling you the stories lapsed in time. So if you have no plans for the 10th February, pack your sunglasses and come!

The Festival is worth to see both by adults and children. So if you believe. or your child does, that s/he is a young Luke Skywalker, it will be a real pleasure to fight with light sabers the Sheriff of Nottingham guarded by the Robin Hood’s crew. By the way, some of the outdoor and indoor events are free.

Derby CAMRA Winter Ales Festival

February 15 – 18, 2017, Derby Roundhouse

The best place to discover your favorite ale is Derby, described by its visitors as the best place to drink real ale in the World. You can be absolutely sure that you will sample the very best microbrewery ale selected from all across the country. Here you can try various sorts of ale: sweet Abduction, malty Dark Drake or funky Ay Up.

The Festival is not just about Ale. Here you can dance all night long enjoying the sounds of fantastic live bands and charming neighboring of the magnificent Derby Roundhouse. Here you can also gain some knowledge about the art of brewing, attending one of Derby’s Microbrewery Tours. Experience A Day with the Brewer to learn more about the fantastic ale or join Derby’s Perfect Pub Crawl if you are in tune for making some fun.

Portsmouth BookFest

February 13 – March 5, 2017, Portsmouth

If you consider yourself as a bookworm, do not miss the upcoming literary festival in Portsmouth, the literary heritage of Charles Dickens, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and HG Wells. Here you will be able to meet some of your favorite authors, take part in an inspiring range of talks, readings and some special literary events.

Royal Shrovetide Football Match

February 28 – March 1, 2017, Ashbourne

Are you tired of a conventional football matches? Witness the Ashbourne Royal Shrovetide Football Match with very few rules and goals placed three miles apart from each other. Since the 17th century, it is played in the Ashbourne streets and lasts for 16 hours! This game has nearly nothing in common with a standard football. The ball is made of leather and fitted with a cork inner. If you wonder about the cork inner, it is used not to let the ball drown. Yeah, it can get to the river and, what is more interesting, such kind of a weird situation will not stop the locals from playing. The game starts when the ball is thrown into the air right into the hug. Then a large group of players starts to move it to the goal, pushing it against the opposition and changing the location of the game. Is it worth to see? For sure!

Festival of Food, Drink and Rhubarb

February 17 – 19, 2017, Wakefield

If you want to spend time with fun and pleasure and to gain some cooking skills, you can attend the Wakefield Festival of Food, Drink and Rhubarb. It is a celebration of Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb’s heritage, a quirky pink vegetable which grows locally in The Rhubarb Triangle and has European Protected Designation of Origin status.

From February 17 to February 19 you can spend three days watching the amazing free cookery demonstrations by national and regional chefs, explore the food market, enjoy various street entertainments and take heritage walks and tours to rhubarb farms.

The location of the festival is two hours journey by train from London, so do not miss a chance to come here.

Jorvik Viking Festival

February 20 -26, 2017, York

On February 20, the city of York celebrates the heritage of gruesome world of the Vikings holding a six-day festival with around 40,000 enthusiasts involved.

Did you know that thousand years ago, when the Vikings ruled York, they celebrated the coming of spring with a real battleground in the center of the city? So even today you can mark the end of winter attending live battle re-enactments, combat performances, and weird and famous leg wrestling. All these are the reflection of Jolablot, Viking’s celebration. Join the lively party, see a Viking long-ship prepared for war and witness the epic final of the festival when the city becomes a battleground. Beware, a lot of fun is coming…

Broadstairs Blues Bash

February 17-19, 2017, Broadstairs

Broadstairs Blues Bash, Kent’s biggest free blues festival, allows you to enjoy ‘aint’ nothin’ but the blues’. Just make sure you are familiar with headline concerts and try not to miss one, as there are over 45 free bands local, national and international, 14 venues and only 3 days to explore everything.


February 18-19, 2017, Scarborough

If you are looking for something fun and special for the whole family, Coastival can offer you a lot of entertainments: artwork, music, and performances in unusual locations are waiting for you. The two-day mini festival will include four brand new commissions, each with something new, exciting and surprising. Here you can meet numerous people of art and enjoy their joint work aimed to create an unforgettable atmosphere of mixing eclectic music, unusual performances, and fine arts.; all these generously flavored with the unique style.


February 11-14, 2017, Blackpool

For four days the streets of Blackpool will be crowded by magicians, performers, and clowns, making a city a real magic place. So if you once have thoughts to join the circus, this festival is definitely for you.

The underwater bubble show with dancers and jugglers using bubble tornadoes, lasers, and snow cannons as if it was their routine action. You can even participate and to learn everything about how artists make their art.

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